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Welcome to my website, I am so glad that you are here. Perhaps you are looking for some information or some form of assistance from the Angelic Realm, at the very least you must be a tiny bit curious. Whatever has led you to this website is no coincidence...in life all things happen for a reason.

The increase in Angel consciousness is a signal to all that the Angels are working very hard to bring peace to this planet one person at a time. According to the Angels, love is at the center of all life, and they wish to help us to find the love and the light inside our hearts and souls, the love in life, the love in our work, the love in all things living and the love in our earth. Angels are Gods "thought forms of love". Yes, we all have Angels, we all have access to help and loving guidance from them. We need only ask and then listen. Everything on this website is intended for the benefit of all, as all interactions are centered in love and light.

My life purpose is: to assist people to find the love in life, by moving past their blocks and fears so they can discover their true purpose, naturally connecting with the love in their life's work. Helping women to find the joy in being a woman, to find the Goddess within and celebrating stepping into this power.

As a certified ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, I am here to help you connect with your Angels, let's see how I may be of assistance to you?

I am located in Regina, SK, Canada, just above the North Dakota US border. Some of the services I offer: Angel Readings, Angels Parties and Goddess Guidance. You can e-mail me at debbie@angelliteandlove.com to schedule an in person appointment or to arrange distance work by phone or e-mail.

As you continue to explore this website, may you be lovingly guided.