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About Debbie


Debbie currently holds a Diploma in Nursing, a certificate in Health Leadership and has practiced as a registered nurse for 27 years. She is certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® by Dr. Doreen Virtue Ph.D. She has completed Advanced ANGEL THERAPY Training and is certified in ANGEL THERAPY MEDIUMSHIP. Debbie is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor degree in Metaphysics.

"I have been a healer, a peacemaker, and a sensitive all of my life, and was guided to this work with the Angels slowly and repetitively over many years"

"The turning point in my spiritual journey occurred with the birth of my first little nephew. I had been spending a lot of time reflecting upon life, where I had been and where to go next, who was I really. When my little nephew was born I gazed into his face, and came to know what it is like to really love from the deepest place in my soul. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the thought that all that really mattered in life was just that, loving life, one another and spending time doing what makes your heart sing. I thanked God and the Angels for bringing this child into my life (and I thanked my brother and his wife as well!). A few years later I was blessed once more, with the birth of my second nephew, and then just one year later another little boy!!"

"The next gentle push on my spiritual path came in the form of a birthday gift from a dear girlfriend, a gift of Angel Oracle cards created by Dr. Doreen Virtue. This gift peaked my curiosity and after finding my way onto Dr. Virtue's website I embarked on a period of self study, reading and reflecting upon her materials. While pursuing a Nursing Degree, I signed up for a women's spirituality course, based on Goddess mythology. This amazing course was so stimulating and reinforced many of my earlier readings. It was like the dots began to connect. After many weeks of deliberation, I finally signed up for Dr. Virtue's ATP® Course and flew off to Laguna Beach, CA to this life altering experience. For this I am truly grateful and truly blessed. For more information on Dr. Virtue please visit www.angeltherapy.com." Two and a half years later I flew off to Kona, Hawaii to receive ADVANCED ANGEL THERAPY training provided by Doreen Virtue. I was also guided to attend her MEDIUMSHIP Certification so I can be of greater service to individuals in need of healing from grief and loss. Both experiences have been transformational and have reinforced my commitment to this Angel work.

"The work of an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® is based upon intuitive communication with the Angelic Realm. All communications are from a place of love and light, to the benefit of all concerned. Angels are God's messengers, there messages always help us to feel safer and happier, and make every aspect of our life more meaningful. The Angels want to help us with every aspect of our lives, so as an ATP® my purpose is to assist you in accessing the messages your Angels want to give you. I wish to help you find the love in your life and work through teaching you how to connect with your Angels everyday. This will naturally assist you in discovering your true purpose and connect you with the love in your life's work. I wish to help women find the joy in being a woman, to find the Goddess within and celebrate stepping into this power. I am also deeply connected to children and support them in maintaining their innate spiritual connections."

"I currently live in Regina with my two beautiful poodle puppies Ziggy and Xena.