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The secrets of Heaven are within you, within the Earth, the essence of Angels is in all creation



The mystery of nature and the universe, and the mystery of the woman...have long been the same...earth is crammed with Heaven, just look around and see the love in all of life.

The feminine principle, known as "the Goddess" places its value on feeling, instinct, intuition, spontaneity and sacred unity of all life. The Goddess celebrates the sacredness, beauty and power of being a woman, and the sacredness and inter-relatedness of all life. In truth the universe was seen as an organic, alive and sacred whole in which mankind, the earth and all life on it were woven together as one. The Goddess has as her symbols and manifestations, the phases of the moon, the stars, the sea, seashells, animals, birds and flowers. She was celebrated in ceremony, ritual and honored as were all women for their life giving ability.

Where there is woman there is magic. There is within every woman the spark of heavenly fire. This is our divine light, our connection to all of life. This is our reminder that as women we all carry the power of Goddess within us, manifest in our intuitions and our connections to all of life. As women we have forgotten this power, most likely because we live in a society that values the traits of man, most particularly in the business world. Sadly our society does not value our softer feminine energy that nurtures all of life, and past ages have actually feared our female intuition. We have lost connection with each other and it is time for women to reconnect with women, mothers to strengthen the bond of love with daughters and celebrate that which is womanly.

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